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Ekaterina Togonidze

Ekaterina Togonidze

  1. Ekaterina Togonidze

    Ekaterina Togonidze Neues Mitglied

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    1. Juni 2018
    Ekaterina Togonidze ist eine georgische Journalistin und Autorin. Ihr Roman "Einsame Schwestern" über das Schicksal zweier siamesischer Zwillinge ist im Wiener Septime Verlag erschienen.

    Hier könnt Ihr der Autorin Fragen stellen. Fragen in diesem Bereich bitte nur auf Englisch.

    Ekaterina Togonidze is a Georgian journalist and author. Her novel "Lonely Sisters" about two Siamese twins was published by Septime Verlag in Vienna.

    Here you can ask your questions.
    #1 Ekaterina Togonidze, 1. Juni 2018
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  2. Renie
    Dear Ekaterine, First of all: Welcome at Whatchareadin. Thank you for having you here with us. The members of reading group of your book have just posted the first questions (in German). Our member @Anjuta has already prepared the translation for you. Here we go:

    I have now translated the existing questions to your book, Ekaterina. I hope, you can understand them and we will receive interesting answers.
    And for me: I hope I will be able to keep track of all the entries in this chat.
  3. Renie
    Question 1 (from Querleserin):
    I would be interested whether you, Ekaterina, have modelled the siamese twins on somebody really existing. It seems to me very difficult to put yourself into such a position. Why don't they receive medical treatment? Normally, medicins make a try to seperate simamese twins, don't they? (or is there an answer to this question somewhere in the novel?)
  4. Renie
    Question 2 (from Parden):
    I am interested in understanding, how you, Ekaterina, picked this issue for the novel, since it seems to me a highly special one ...
  5. Renie
    Question 3 (from Parden):
    I am now already reading the second part and made the observation, that the author, you, Ekaterina, obviously have included yourself in the novel, hence, there is the student that reminds Rostom very much on the children's mother and her name is the same as the author's one: Ekaterine. This is very likely not by accident, is it? What is the reason? I can't understand ....
  6. Renie
    Question 4 (from Parden):
    At which time is the story set? Hence, we would expect to see the children receive medical treatment after their birth.
  7. Renie
    Question 5 (from Querleserin):
    I am interested in knowing why the grandmother did not consult a doctor.
  8. Renie
    Question 6 (from Leseglück):
    The novel is playing in Georgia. How is the situation of disabled persons in Georgia? Is their any kind of help or services e.g. when having given birth to siamese twins?
  9. Renie
    You are one of the first Georgian authors who literarily handled "physical disability" in a novel. With your book you brought this special subject to discussion in your home country. I am wondering why you decided to write about the very rare disability siamese twins and not about a handicap which is "more common".
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