Stepbrother Bad Boy (English Edition)

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"He was everything I wanted, but the one I couldn't have."

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Back in high school, Shane Ventana was the sh*t. I mean he was hot, popular, mysterious, the ultimate bad boy. I swear the guy could wet panties by just cocking his brow. Not that his cock or his brow were anywhere near me, Shane didn’t know I existed.

But there I was, busy with my daily Shane stalking in the halls when the unthinkable happened--my dad eloped with Shane’s mom. And to make matters even worse, Shane took it out on me. My life couldn’t get worse, right?

Wrong! I fell in love with him. I mean there he was, my dream guy, in the room right next to mine. I couldn’t help myself. But who falls in love with their stepbrother? Don’t answer that.

Just trust me, everything was perfect. Well, it was perfect until he left. But life likes to screw with me and just when I thought I was over him, I heard the words that made my heart start beating all over again--“Shane is coming”.

Stepbrother Bad Boy is a standalone novel. It contains adult content and a stepbrother who likes to talk dirty.

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