Shot Across the Bow: The Deep Six Book 5

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  1. so sweet

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     - 29. Nov 2021 

    SHOT ACROSS THE BOW is book five in Julie Ann Walker’s romantic suspense series, THE DEEP SIX, and I think it is necessary to read the prior four books to understand the overall plot.

    She is as broken as her voice, and it seems that he is totally out of her league. So thinks she. He thinks she is marriage material, and marriage was never on his mind.
    On a deserted island danger is within the horizon, and it left me tearing my heart to peaces where Mia must have gone through in her past. She is able to look behind the nice facade of Romeos face ( but she loves to look in his face too, that's for sure :), and see his caring and sweet character. That's what she needs. And Mia is a great fit for Romeo. Her quiet and balanced, reserved and controlled manner balances Romeo’s flirty, outgoing ways.

    I also loved the banter between Cami and Doc, what leaves me longing for their story.

    Romeo and Mia are both compelling protagonists, and I loved how their stories, both as individuals and as a couple developed. The story has everything you require for a great book, many emotional thoughts from both characters , some really heart grieving about dysfunctional family dynamics, bad guys, suspense, romance and a fight to survive .
    This book tells about people do not only fight danger but also their imperfections, and with this setting on a deserted island and Mia and Romeo I have to say I loved this book most.
    For all readers who enjoy a good romantic - suspense story, please take a seat and enjoy .