My Stepbrother the Dom (Stepbrother Romance) (English Edition)

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**A Stand-Alone Full Length Stepbrother Romance with an HEA**

For years, I had the worst crush on my stepbrother, Cole Hunter. We used to ride bikes, skateboard and go fishing together - now I couldn’t even be in the same room as him without my pulse racing. One cocky half-grin from Cole would have my face blushing while my panties melted. It was insane - and completely humiliating.

It was a painful secret that I guarded fiercely. Cole was off-limits. Forbidden. If he knew how I felt, I would die of embarrassment.

I avoided Cole for years, until one wild night, when my best friend took me to a club. I thought I was going to see a grunge band, but it turned out to be a much kinkier kind of club. A club where anything goes, and well, things got a little crazy. Make that a lot crazy.

No one would ever know what I’d done, right?

Then I discovered who the man behind the mask really was…

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