London Dreaming: The Rulefords book 2 (English Edition)

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For years, Lucy Ruleford dreamed of finding her one true love. Now that she’s found him, there’s just one problem: he’s determined to destroy not only her family’s bank, but her father too.

As head of charitable giving at Ruleford’s Bank, Lucy has managed their top client’s favorite charity event for the past five years. This year, however, Matt Brookes has a surprise for her. The CEO of their rival bank has convinced the charity to take him on as co-chair so he can steal Ruleford’s top client and finally get his revenge against Ruleford’s.

When Lucy and Matt meet, sparks fly—and not just for each other. Lucy, also known as the nicest person in the world, is out for blood. Sort of. And Matt hasn’t climbed from homelessness to CEO without learning a few tricks along the way. Unfortunately, every attempt to win the business backfires in unexpected ways.

While Lucy and Matt battle it out, somewhere along the way, they fall in love. In the end, will Lucy finally learn to break free of her father’s influence and follow her own path? And can Matt overcome his hatred of the entire Ruleford family to follow his heart?

This is book two in the Ruleford’s Series, but you don’t need to read London Falling first to enjoy London Dreaming.

Praise for London Falling:
“London Falling by Emma Carr was a book I just couldn’t put down.” ~
“This romantic, funny and original debut novel kept me up well into the night…” ~

Emma Carr writes Modern Romance with a little bit of fun.

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