A Cornish Christmas: A cosy Christmas romance to curl up with by the fire

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     - 16. Dez 2018 

    A cosy, heartwarming Christmas story

    "As I stood in the still air of the studio, the moonlight entering the window and falling upon the desk, I knew somehow there was something waiting for me." (Citation page 68)

    Ivy is a children's books illustrator who has moved together with her husband Stuart from London back to Cornwall, where she grew up. Now that she finally is pregnant she misses her mother, who had died five years ago, even more. When she gets her mother's desk for her studio, she finds one of her mother's beautiful Christmas cards, unfinished, a card, Ivy had seen never before.It is going to be Christmas at Sea Cottage, their new home, and magic is in the air.

    Theme and genre:
    This is a romantic, heartwarming Christmas story about the strong ties between mothers and their daughters. It is also about friedship and beautiful Cornwall.

    Ivy Stuart is still missing her mother, but now that she knows that she will soon be a mother, things have changed and she feels really happy. There too are her friends and the nice old ladies, close friends of her mother. Cloudsea has charming, enjoyable Cornish characters who welcome the reader.

    Plot and writing style:
    A beautifully written, magical story, not only about Christmas, but about life and new chances. It takes place in a Cornish village with beach walks, but also stormy Winter days. The story is told by Ivy, wtitten in the first person.

    A magical, romantic book, that takes the reader to a cosy Cornish village. A perfect Christmas read that will make you laugh and cry, but it's the uplifting feelings that will remain with a smile on your face.